Baoguang Successfully Passed ENEL QMS Audit

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There came good news that the 24kV miniaturized embedded poles of  Baoguang brand mounted on lateral circuit breakers of oversea markets passed the  full type tests successfully in Holland KEMA recently.

The Model of embedded pole of Baoguang, EP34-24/1250-25A/R1 is the newly-developed products  for international markets. They adopt the design of miniaturized vacuum  interrupters in embedded poles, with fine figure, high insulation levels, perfect compatibility, reliable  performance, etc. The original model was developed successfully two years ago.  It has been accepted by customers in Middle East and produced in bulks. Later,  in order to meet the requirements of the newly-exploited customers, Baoguang  modified its connecting parts slightly and improved the producing process. It  took only 3 months from sample preparation to type test.

Baoguang offered the technical support to help the customer to  perform type test. During preparing the samples of circuit breakers, Baoguang  kept close communication with the customer to ensure the parameters of test  samples conformed to standard. At the end of October, the product passed the  full type test in Holland KEMA according to the standards of IEC62271-200 &  IEC62271-100 which includes insulation test, temperature rise test, partial  discharge test, short circuit breaking test, capacitative current breaking test.  The customer was satisfied with their perfect performance.

The success of this type test opened the door to the European market  for Baoguang embedded pole. It is believed that the bulk orders would be  delivered by the end of this year. It will be new growth for Baoguang’s  international market.

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