Vacuum interrupter for 38kV recloser has succeeded in type tests in XIHAR

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Recently, news from Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd (XIHARI for short) show that the vacuum interrupter TD5301 developed by Baoguang for 38kV recloser has successfully passed key tests in XIHARI, including insulation, short circuit breaking, CC, LC, load breaking and making tests, etc.

According to market requirements, Baoguang developed the high voltage and compacted vacuum interrupter TD5301, which is mainly used in 38kV recloser, the rated voltage is 38kV and short circuit breaking current is 16kA. As per the test requirements for 38kV recloser in IEC62271-111, besides the rigorous insulation test, the vacuum interrupter also be demanded to pass the short circuit current breaking test for totally 116 times (including 16 times for T100, 56 times for T50, 44 times for T20), breaking test (CC, LC) for 40 times and many other test items. Compared with normal circuit breakers, the conditions of tests are more severer.

Through the successful R&D work of the compacted vacuum interrupter TD5301 for 38kV recloser , Baoguang accumulated valuable experiences by tackling key problems of design and technology, and it also shows that the capacity of Baoguang in high voltage compacted vacuum interrupter for recloser is the world leading level. The success in type test of TD5301 will provide a strong technical guarantee for its access to North America market.


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