Baoguang successfully developed new vacuum interrupter for solid insulation RMU

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Recently, Baoguang developed a new vacuum interrupter TD31-12/1250-25F, which will be used in solid insulation ring main unit. Be mounted with domestic solid RMU, the VI has successfully passed type tests in Machinery Industry High-voltage Transmission and Distribution Equipment Quality Inspection & Testing Center (Shanghai), including full capacity short circuit breaking (30 times), out-phase earthing, cable charging, etc., all the technical data of the VI achieved leading level in China.

This VI is a compact VI Baoguang developed specially for the solid dielectric RMU, the rated voltage of this VI is 12kV, rated current is 1250A, rated short circuit breaking current is 25kA, rated breaking operations are 30 times, and mechanical endurance is 10000 times. By adopting computer simulation software, Baoguang optimized design of electrode, improve the inner structure and electric-magnetic field distribution, to achieve excellent breaking performance.

Compared with similar products in market, this VI reached 1250A 25kA breaking capacity with diameter of 70mm only, breaking the  bottlenecks of temperature rising & short circuit breaking, ensures the stability and reliability at this rating.

      The successful development marked the VI design capacity and technology of Baoguang in solid insulation RMU reach the high level in China.

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