Bosom friends make distance decreased

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At the beginning of 2020, a sudden corona-virus pandemic spread across the world. As the overseas business window of the medium-voltage electrical product industry sub-group, Baoguang actively played a role in this silent battle. While contacted multiple parties overseas to raise materials to prevent and control domestic pandemics and resume production, Baoguang dispatch epidemic prevention materials to overseas customers for the urgent needs of customers after the domestic pandemic situation gradually stabilized, showing a good corporate image.

Since the spread of the corona-virus pandemic domestically, all levels of government, enterprises, institutions and individuals have shown a strong sense of social responsibility and mission in the course of fighting the pandemic, contributing their own strength to winning the fight. As the overseas business window of the medium-voltage electrical product industry sub-group, in early February when the domestic pandemic preventation conducted, Baoguang actively contacted with customers cooperating over years to assist in purchasing 210pcs N95 surgical masks in compliance with domestic demand and 1,560pcs disposable medical masks for returnees. Baoguang actively responded to the call of nation for “do efforts on prevention and control of corona-virus pandemic and resumption of work and production together”, and took the initiative to ensure to resume production of our company.

Since the beginning of March, the corona-virus pandemic has spread greatly overseas, and the business department of Baoguang Import and Export Company actively contacted customers to provide assistance. As severely affected country, the number of people infected in Europe has risen sharply in recent days. The daily lives and factory production of our customers in Europe have been affected to varying degrees. In addition to the daily shortage of protective supplies, our customers informed that protective mask resources for industrial production are urgent needed in Europe, and normal production can no longer be guaranteed. After learning about this situation, the general manager of Baoguang Import and Export Company took the lead, and the business department responded actively. With the assistance of many units and individuals such as the China Electrical Appliance Association and the subsidiaries of the XD Group, Baoguang checked the existing epidemic resources about the differences between online and offline products, looking for the mask products required by customers. Up to now, nearly 2,000 medical masks have been sent to European customers, and 1,000 pcs FFP2 and FFP3 masks that passed the European standard and CE are being planned for delivery by April. Customers who have received the masks have sent thank-you letters to Baoguang, and many executives of companies have personally sent letters to express their gratitude: "This disaster witnessed the true friendship and witnessed the friendship of Baoguang to us”.

The icing on the cake is easy, and it is difficult to deliver charcoal in the snow. Baoguang Import and Export Company are anxious for customers. In the case of shortage of global medical prevention and control resources, Baoguang has sent protective materials to customers thousands of miles far and solve the urgent need of customers. Baoguang will continue to serve customers as its purpose, enhance the brand awareness of Baoguang as its goal, actively find business breakthroughs in the global anti-epidemic process, strive to do a good job in customer service, and work together to get great achievement in the final year of the 13th Five-Year Plan of XD Group.

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