Baoguang successfully exported 126kV Vacuum Interrupters

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It is a big test for us to not only win the battle of preventing and controling the corona virus, but also achieve the development goals for the whole year. Baoguang fight on two battles of “fighting against virus" and “guaranteeing orders". It has successfully fulfilled the contract with XGK and exported 21pcs vacuum interrupters of 126kV to Kazakhstan.

In order to ensure dispatch 126kV vacuum interrupter to Kazakhstan on time, Baoguang carefully planned and actively organized while the prevention and control virus situation is not good. R&D, procurement, management, manufacturing and other departments cooperated to make sure production units could finish as per customer’s requirement.

The workshop calls on Party members to take the initiative to form a 126kV vacuum interrupter assembly team to overcome obstacles, such as the short time, heavy tasks, difficulty in product processing, and high withstand voltage level. They work in extra time, handing over the details and successfully completed the order of 21pcs VIs on March 27th, with the one-time finished product rate reached 95%, creating a record high monthly output and one-time finished product rate on the 126kV vacuum interrupter. These all are to ensure the order to be delivered on time.

This production of 126kV vacuum interrupter is of great significance. On the one hand, Baoguang became a domestic enterprise that has completed full set of type test and exported 126kV vacuum interrupter in batches, which fills the domestic blank of high voltage level and has milestone significance for the expansion of high voltage field in China. On the other hand, the smooth fulfillment of the order is a new silhouette for Baoguang to effectively implement "the Belt and Road" Initiative,  help XD Group to further develop overseas markets.

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