2 m Receivers for the medium solar thermal utilization project

2 m Receivers for the medium solar thermal utilization project

Application areas:
The operating temperature of the Medium temperature Evacuated Tubular Collectors is below 350 . The project covering central air conditioning, central heating, oil extraction, desalination, industrial heat, tobacco baking, agricultural and sideline products drying And many other aspects.


1. The external diameter of the glass tube of the Medium temperature Receivers is 95mm, the external diameter of the heat pipe is 40mm and the weight of the Receivers is 8 kg. Compared to the 4 m Receivers, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, moderate cost, excellent performance, easy installation and wide application range.

2. The design of built-in type expansion joint brings great benefits to the operation of the Receivers: The coaxial degree of Receivers is ensured, and Receivers is provided with enough effective heat absorption length, and the heat loss is reduced.

3. The use of advanced metal-glass sealing technology ensures that the sealing part of the Receivers has an excellent resistance to thermal shock.

4. The use of two kinds of Getter, evaporable and non-evaporable, maintain the vacuum of the vacuum insulation layer in the effective working time.

5. The Receivers has the advantages of excellent heat absorption efficiency, high overall efficiency and long service life.


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